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About Me[edit]

Hello my name is Xochitl Quintanilla. I go to a school named Premier high school North Houston, Tx. My main teacher is Ms.Guiseppetti. I am a 16 year old girl. (as of 2021) I love to read lots of books and write short stories of my own. Apart from reading and writing I also love to draw, paint, take pictures, and I love to cook in my free time. I love watching all types of anime. I have somewhat purple and blue hair, and wear glasses. I have three older sisters and three younger siblings, making me the middle child. Some of my favorite colors are black, red, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel purple, and pastel yellow. I love collecting these cute plushies called squishmallows. They are so soft and squishy and there's just so many to collect, personally I like collecting the cute dragons.

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The Primary Role of Technology is to Improve Humanity[edit]

In general, when technology attempts to solve problems of matter, energy, space, or time, it is successful. When it attempts to solve human problems of mind, communication, ability, ect. it fails or backfires dangerously. Technology has changed every aspect of everyone's lives, changing on how we work, how we learn or even shop. Technology is all about helping people. However, technology development is not driven to maximize all of society’s goals. Applications that make money get built while applications that don’t make money don’t get built.

The social sector needs more technology tools, and the barriers to using technology in this sector are shrinking daily. Market failures is not the final word: just because something isn’t financially lucrative is no reason not to do it. Technology is quite easy to replicate cheaply: that’s why software companies are often so profitable. This same leverage can be put to use in social applications of technology. The need is acute for nimble social entrepreneurs to bridge these gapps: between possibility and profitability, between business and government, and between technologists and disadvantaged communities.

The growth of technology is one of the most debatable topics. Some scientists refer to it as a disaster while some refer to it as a blessing. No doubt that we live in the age of technology where it has become an important part of our lives but it can sometimes act as a hindrance too if dependency continues to increase.

Technology is more than an abstract concept associated with advanced tools and systems used by businesses and end-users for convenience and automation of complex tasks. It also shapes the way societies and people behave, grow, evolve, and develop, both within their own lives and in their relationships with others. While technology has developed over the millennia that humans have existed - from simple tools such as the wheel, irrigation systems and chariots, to complex tools such as computers, cell phones, the Internet and airplanes - the last century has seen an explosion in technology that has influenced subtle but crucial changes how humans see the world and interact with others. Specifically, the Internet and mobile devices have radically altered the way people interact with each other, since one of the major impacts of technology is the optimization of communication systems in the form of telecommunications and networking. While the personal computer and other electronics affected human interaction, they arguably did not have such critical impacts on people's interaction, they arguably did not have such critical impacts on people's sociology until mobile computers came along. Mobile devices brought groundbreaking change to human interaction due to the innate nature of always being connected to the digital world via an easy to carry device that one carries around.

Technology has generated tremendous wealth through the financial leverage of technology. For those of us who have achieved financial success, there is frequently a need to give back. We want to support the institutions and systems that made that succeed possible and create new opportunities for future generations. Although much technology philanthropy will be a traditional sort, the drive to innovate doesn't and shouldn’t stop. The socially beneficial applications of technology offer these philanthropists a new option to apply their wealth and the lessons of technology enterprise to new needs. Looking at the social sector as valued customers for technology tools changes the dynamic from charity to engagement, helping disadvantaged communities help themselves.

In many cases, standard commercial technology serves admirably to support the social sector. Modern telecommunications and transport networks are essential and invaluable in meeting social needs. Off-the-shelf information technology is important in nonprofit organizations to meet many of the same needs as exist in other sectors, a word processor comes in handy across the spectrum.

On one hand technology is the vital reason for the huge improvement in health industries. Because of technology they have helped many people to keep alive through life support machines and other specialized health equipment. Technology also helped in the invention of new treatments and medicine for certain medical conditions. Modern technology paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smart watch and the smartphone. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, and more fun. (especially since we are quarantining during this pandemic that we are all going through) From planning the logistics of feeding thousands of refugees, to delivering vaccines, to providing education, to creating new job opportunities or to advocating for human rights, technology tools are used to improve the outcome and often directly deliver the social benefits for everyone. Some of the ways that technology has and is helping humanity is; (1) Better communication, In earlier times, communicating with a person belonging to a different part of the world was difficult. Back in time when people had to use pigeons or letters, something that took days or weeks. However today the world has come closer and one can easily connect with a person sitting in another corner of the world, all thanks to technology. (2) Saves time, A very obvious advantage of technology is that it saves time. As we are able to complete a task in less time, we can utilize the time saved for other important activities. With the help of technology a lot of activities such as cooking, cleaning, working, communicating are accomplished faster. (3) Improves efficiency for Business, The best advantage of any technology is that it increases the efficiency of a business process. We can perform more tasks in less time. From shared drives to emails, communications, coordination, execution and implementation of a lot of business processes has become swift and hassle-free, all thanks to technology. (4) Reduce cybercrime risks, The biggest benefits of technology is to the cyber world. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are qualified to detect a change in patterns that are unique from the normal pattern.Implementing AI to detect cyber-attack is still at an early stage, but with advancement in technology, one can expect to prevent it. Hence the chances of getting cyber-attack are reduced.

It is constantly progressing through innovations and changes without knowing how to stop. Thanks to technological developments, the necessities that are proportional to human power also disappear. Things that many people have to do now can be done without the need of verbal communication, thanks to a mobile device. The ability to do so depends on developing and changing technology. The benefits that technology provides to us is that without the need for human power, it is done without technological power. We can say that this is just one of the benefits of technology. We have to admit that technology benefits us as mucha s everyday. Technology has a big impact on the industry today. The developments are growing like an avalanche thanks to technology. It does not end with counting the benefits of technology.

On the other hand, the evolution of modern technology has disadvantages, for example, dependence on new technology. The use of technology certainly needs rules and new laws. For example internet use is an individual freedom. However, the invention of the atomic bomb cannot be an individual freedom. In fact, regulations are difficult to implement when these technologies are introduced - such as regulation surrounding the impending arrival of autonomous vehicles. Finally as most technological discoveries aim to reduce human effort, it would imply that more work is done by machines. This equates to less work for people: the human is becoming ever so obsolete by the day, as processes become automated and jobs are made redundant. Some of the disadvantages/cons; (1) Extreme dependability, With each passing day, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology for almost every task without even realizing it. A common example of this is using a cab service. Another example is using GPS (Global Positioning System) to know the directions of any desired location. A lot of people today do not bother learning or memorizing directions because they depend on Google Maps for it. In a lot of ways, that’s not a good path we’re going down. (2) Expensive, Although technology is already a part of many people’s lives, there are still some people out there who cannot afford some technologies. Many technologies that are being used by the organizations are expensive. As a result, one of technology’s biggest cons is that it can only be used by those who can afford it.(3) Shortage of jobs, With technology, the efficiency of a task has increased tenfold and this is the reason why the technology might be able to replace humans soon. An increase in technology is going to ensure that tasks that humans could do earlier can now be achieved by machines and technology. Thus, creating a shortage of jobs. Nowadays even organizations prefer technology that is capable of doing tasks more efficiently than humans. Thus, with the rise of technology humans can be replaced by algorithms and robots. (4) Malfunctions, the biggest disadvantage of technology is that all are machine driven. And a minor lapse in the functioning can create a situation that cannot be controlled. So, a minor malfunction may cause a complete failure which can cost a human life as well.

Studies show that mobile communication affects people in a negative way when it comes to being sociable and making face-to-face contact. Mobile technology can decrease communication and relations between people. There’s less personal time, when you find that you don't have enough time for yourself because you’re always in contact with someone. Also, it can be distracting from your work. There is also loss of privacy, because anyone can find you anywhere, at any time of the day. In conclusion , all of these things impact how humans act today. Without technological advancements, our way of life would not be as complex. Technological influences shape the way humans act today.

We are at a critical intersection in the evolution of technology and social enterprise. Working together, the technology, nonprofit, philanthropic and prospective user communities can ensure far-reaching success in the long-term effort to fulfil the social potential of technology. These collaborations strive to take the technology community including its developers, beneficiaries and promises of the future to the next level of human and social innovation. And, at the next level, we can demonstrate the power of collaborative successes on the global stage, using these existing projects to catalyze the creation of technology social enterprises around the world. Technology is neither inherently good nor bad, but it does tend toward evil when it attempts to solve human problems, and it does tend toward good when it focuses on solving problems of the material universe. Ultimately, our current civilization could not exist without technology, which includes things like public sanitation systems, central heating, running water, electrical grids,a dn the very computer that I am writing this essay on. Technology is in fact a vital force that is necessary to our existence, but we should remember that it is not the answer to everything-it’s not going to make us better people, but it can make us live in a better world.

In the modern day, many people live in the digital world more than the real world. This has often resulted in a myriad of shallow relationships, and a great reduction in intimacy which directly affects the way people operate, the values and expectations people may have, and the way people think about others. Technology has shaped the way children see and interact with others and with the world, which greatly affects their development.

Today’s generation are spending more time on screen rather than off screen. It’s good to have knowledge about technology, but having an addiction to technology is not and would never be good.

But technology does have the ability to bridge gaps when used correctly. It has greatly improved communication worldwide, has increased the efficiency of transportation and other personal and business tracks, and thus has given people all over the world the opportunity to engage with others in powerful, albeit, different ways.