Guacamole Keys

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Common Keys[edit]

Key Sequence Purpose
CONTROL-ALT-SHIFT Open options menu
CONTROL-SHIFT-v Paste from clipboard

Helpful Hints[edit]

Unexpected Characters[edit]

If you are using a Mac and seeing special characters when using the ALT key (e.g., ƒ for ALT-f or for ALT-x you can update your keyboard preferences by accessing the 🍎 Apple menu, selecting System Preferences... and finding the Keyboard applet. Be sure that the Keyboard tab is selected then click the Modifier Keys... button. From there, change the Option Key action to Escape:
OSX Modifier Key Dialog.png

File Uploads and Downloads[edit]

  1. To upload or download a file, open the Guacamole Preferences tray.
  2. Click Devices | /tmp/transfers
    Guacamole File Transfer.png
  3. A file browser opens to a special transfer directory.

File Uploads[edit]

  1. Click the Upload Files... button
  2. Select the file(s) to be uploaded
  3. Close the Guacamole Preferences tray
  4. In the shell, use the mv command to move your file to its destination

File Downloads[edit]

  1. Before opening the Guacamole Preferences tray, use the mv command to copy your file to /tmp/transfers
  2. After opening the file browser as described above, to begin the download, double-click the file.