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Before You Begin[edit]

Please thoroughly review the Style Guide

Wiki Articles Pending Edits[edit]

Wiki Articles with Errors[edit]

Wiki Articles Corrected Pending Editorial Review[edit]

Editorial Process[edit]

  1. Editors (only) will mark up articles using the following tags:
    for general notes of improvement and
    for errors
  2. Authors will review this page to find the current list of notes and errors and modify the relevant articles appropriately.
  3. After the author completes the modification, they'll append -CorrectedPendingReview to the template tag, i.e.
  4. Editors (only) will review this page to find the current list of corrections and then remove the tags if they are satisfied with the modifications or update the annotation and remove the CorrectedPendingReview suffix

Including Math Formulae[edit]

  1. Display a Formula

Updating Personal Associations[edit]

  1. Update page MediaWiki:Smw allows list Personal association
  2. Update page MediaWiki:Common.css