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What is Swift?[edit]

Swift is a programming language made for development on Apple devices. Chris Lattner created Swift; he started developing it in 2010. For programming on Apple devices, Swift is a great alternative to Objective C (which most programmers hate).

  • Protocol-oriented programming (basically object-oriented programming (OOP))
  • Basic value types
  • Access control
   1. open
   2. public
   3. internal
   4. fileprivate
   5. private
  • String support
   1. Being able to concatenate strings similar to Python


Swift runs significantly faster than Python, PHP, LUA (nobody uses this), and Ruby; however, it runs much slower than rust and C. This is pretty good for an OOP language.

Why Swift?[edit]

  • Swift is fast
  • Swift can be used on IOS devices
  • Swift is object-oriented
  • Swift is modern
  • Swift is common


Speed tests

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