Security Bug Bounty

From Coder Merlin
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— Merlin, The Coder


The  Coder Merlin™  Security Bug Bounty Program is designed to encourage security research in  Coder Merlin™  software and to reward those who help us make the internet a safer place.

General Eligibility[edit]

  • The security bug must be original and previously unreported
  • You must not have written the buggy code or otherwise been involved in contributing the buggy code to  Coder Merlin™ 
  • You must be old enough to be eligible participate in and receive payment from this program in your jurisdiction, or otherwise qualify to receive payment, whether through consent from your parent or guardian or some other way
  • You must not be an employee, contractor, or otherwise have a business relationship with  Coder Merlin™ 
  • You should use your best effort not to access, modify, delete, or store user data or  Coder Merlin™  data
  • You must not exploit the security vulnerability for your own gain
  • Before sharing any part of the security issue with a third party, you must give us a reasonable amount of time to address the security issue
  • You must not threaten or attempt to extort  Coder Merlin™