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This property contains text and is used to provide a description of the relevant knowledge and skills.

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Actively engage with the larger community to create relevant and meaningful digital products which contribute to the welfare of society  +
Actively mentor learners within and beyond the school environment  +
Analyze a documented algorithm, improve the design of the algorithm, and implement in code  +
Analyze existing code and document the algorithm  +
Analyze problems and design solutions that exhibit robust behavior by preventing runtime errors  +
Analyze, design, implement, and debug common algorithms  +
Code, using a text-based, authentic programming language, solutions based upon a design document  +
Compare and contrast design methodologies and implementation techniques  +
Create meaningful applications which interact with a user through a graphical user interface  +
Create meaningful applications which produce well-formed console output  +
Create meaningful applications with prompts issued to console output which acquire input from a user via the console  +
Create programs using best practices to maximize readability and comprehension  +
Create programs which display numeric data through the use of data visualization  +
Create programs which render bitmap images  +
Create programs which render vector graphics  +
Create relevant and meaningful digital products in collaboration with learners in other subject areas  +
Create web pages using HTML and CSS  +
Define and specify the domain of a problem and the purpose and goals of solving the problem  +
Demonstrate an understanding of object-oriented design  +
Demonstrate knowledge of computer hardware systems  +