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The below material will be very helpful in assisting you to prepare for a Linux certification exam.

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As always, it's best to invest a LOT of time practicing what you've learned in Linux. Because some of what is required involves using sudo  Coder Merlin™  won't be sufficient. We strongly recommend setting up your own machine, virtual or otherwise.

Many questions will likely be scenario based, so, in general, memorization is not very effective. It's best to invest the effort to fully understand (and practice!!!) the information presented below.

Common Linux Services[edit]

As opposed to an interactive desktop system for a single user, servers are intended to serve multiple remote clients simultaneously. A remote client may be located on the other side of the server room's wall or halfway around the world. There are primarily two ways in which services are provided to remote clients:

  1. A daemon which is a long-running (continuously running) process waiting for requests
  2. A separate process spawned by a daemon in response to a request
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Daemon processes often are suffixed with a d, e.g. mysqld

The File System[edit]


Controlling Access[edit]

Preserving Data[edit]

Text and Tools for Text[edit]


Installing Software[edit]

The Kernel[edit]

Straps on Boots[edit]

Controlling Services[edit]


Users and Groups[edit]

Authorization and Authentication[edit]

Logging Services[edit]

Dealing with Bad Actors[edit]




Virtual Systems[edit]