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Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science ...
— Merlin, The Coder

CoderMerlin Courier

Volume One, Issue Six - April Two Thousand Twenty-One

Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science

Technology Updates[edit]

Reattempting a Mission in  Merlin Mission Manager [edit]

It is now possible for students to independently reattempt a mission which has been completed or has expired. This ability is useful for the  Merlin Maven Mentor™ to redo missions required to achieve a sash and any student that wants additional experience with the material covered in the mission.

In order to do so, first enter the mission which you'd like to reattempt:

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin/M1008-10 (01) Basic Addition$ merlin mission reattempt

This will create a new mission which may be prepared:

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin/M1008-10 (01) Basic Addition$ cd ..

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin$ merlin prepare

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin$ cd M1008-10\ (02)\ Basic\ Addition$

Then, accept and prepare the mission as you would normally:

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin/M1008-10 (02) Basic Addition$ merlin mission accept

john-williams@codermerlin:~/Merlin/M1008-10 (02) Basic Addition$ merlin mission prepare

Note that if you are enrolled in a course with a guide you should understand their rules before reattempting a mission.

Unified Logons[edit]

Wiki authentication now relies on LDAP, so you are able to use the same username and password that you use for the shell in order to logon to the wiki.

Wiki Tools[edit]

A new menu item, Tools is now available on the wiki. If you've logged on to the wiki, these tools enable you to directly access a browser-based shell or your personal IGIS page with a single click.

New Tools[edit]

  • swift-format is now available from the shell. The tool provides automated abilities for formatting swift code.
  • swift-doc is now available from the shell. The tool generates markup suitable for documentation from inline comments using a special format.