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Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science ...
— Merlin, The Coder

CoderMerlin Courier

Volume One, Issue Four - March Two Thousand Twenty-One

Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science

Previous Contest Winner[edit]

CoderMerlin-Badge-Yellow-1.png FIRST PLACE


A warm congratulations to Brooke Phillips from Grace Christian Academy in Bainbridge, GA and her teacher Mrs. McRae! Her award-winning essay may be read here.

Current Contests[edit]

Graphics Contest[edit]

Create an image of  Coder Merlin™ 's familiar You can read more about the contest and prize: here.

Excalibur Award

Hints, Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts[edit]

Command Line Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Linux logo.jpg

Brace expansion in the bash file. Try:

john-williams@codermerlin$ echo {one,two,red,blue}fish

Swift Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Swift-og.png

Clarity is more important than brevity. Be sure to name all of your functions so that their purpose is clear.

Emacs Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Emacs 512.png

Use incremental search for navigation. You can search forward using CONTROL-s and backwards (reverse) using CONTROL-r.

Git Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Git-logo.svg

When you have changes in your working directory but want to put them aside for the time being, consider git stash. Use git stash when you want to record the current state of the working directory and the index, but want to go back to a clean working directory. The command saves your local modifications away and reverts the working directory to match the HEAD commit.

Newly Installed and Updated Services[edit]

LDAP Authentication[edit]

LDAP authentication is now online and is the first step in our roadmap towards implementing unified sign-on to all of our services.