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Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science ...
— Merlin, The Coder

CoderMerlin Courier

Volume One, Issue Three - January Two Thousand Twenty-One

Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science

Current Contests[edit]

Essay Writing Contest[edit]

Why is the primary role of technology to improve humanity? You can read more about the essay and prize: here.

Excalibur Award

Hints, Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts[edit]

Command Line Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Linux logo.jpg

Slow typist? You can use the alias command. For example, to type the shortcut mt rather than merlin test you can add an alias: alias mt='merlin test'

If you'd like to make your aliases permanent (rather than lasting only for the current session) you can add them to your ~/.bash_aliases file.

Swift Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Swift-og.png
  • Print an empty line (i.e., just a new line) with: print()
  • Print text without the default terminator with: print(terminator:"Hello")
  • Create a string repeating a character n times with: String(repeating:"!", count: 3)

Emacs Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Emacs 512.png

Web-mode supports both PHP and HTML in the same buffer. Web-mode can be activated with: ALT-x web-mode RETURN

Git Tips[edit]

Helpful Hint Git-logo.svg

Tags can be easily moved by using the --force option.

  • git tag --force J1154.Final
  • git push origin --force J1154.Final

Newly Installed and Updated Services[edit]

Disk Space Increased[edit]

The available disk space has been increased to 1.0 GiB.

Emacs Updates 27.1[edit]

Emacs 512.png
  • Native support for JSON parsing
  • Built-in support for tab bar and tab-line

In order to ensure you receive the latest features, re-initialize your skeleton:

jane-williams@codermerlin:~/www$ skel-init

Then completely log off before logging back on. Run emacs (without any parameters) and wait for the initialization to complete.

Vapor Available[edit]

Swift Vapor applications are now available. See Vapor for configuration information.