Chrome SSH Extension

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Google provides an excellent and free Secure Shell Extension which is often the easiest way to obtain a shell for use with Coder Merlin. The steps required to install this extension are listed below.

The instructions below require Google Chrome; they won't work correctly in any other browser.

Step 1: Find the Extension[edit]

Using Google Chrome, search for "secure shell extension":

Google Find Secure Shell Extension.png

Step 2: Click on the Correct Link[edit]

Be sure you are clicking on the link with the text "Secure Shell is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator."

Google Secure Shell Link.png

Step 3: Add the Extension[edit]

Click on the "Add to Chrome" button:

Google Secure Shell Install Page.png

Step 4: Grant Permissions[edit]

Grant the extension the required permissions:

Google Grant Secure Shell Permissions.png

Step 5: Receive Confirmation[edit]

Wait patiently; you'll soon receive a confirmation message. You may safely close this message; you're shell has been installed!

Google Secure Shell Confirmation.png

Step 6: Pin the Extension[edit]

In the extreme, top-right corner of the window, click on the "extension icon" (appears as a puzzle piece):

Google Extension Icon.png

In the dialog that opens, click on the "Pin" symbol to the right of the Secure Shell Extension. This will provide you with one-click access to the Secure Shell.

Google Secure Shell Pin Extension.png

Then, close the dialog. You'll now notice a new icon that you'll be able to use to activate the shell. NB: This icon is relatively small, but you can usually easily identify it because of the black background:

Google Secure Shell Extension Icon.png

It's located in the top-right corner of the browser.