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Knowledge and Skills Goal[edit]

Knowledge and Skills Description Demonstrate proficiency in using multiple tools via a command-line interface
Knowledge and Skills Level 10
Primary Topic Area topic-area-tools-and-technologies
Topic areas • Command-line tools
• Command-line interface
Knowledge and skills includes • Reading and analyzing error messages
• Responding appropriately to error messages

Relevant Experiences[edit]

 Experience IDClassroom timeStudy timeAcquired knowledgeAcquired skill
MagitW1007.3060 minutes120 minutesunderstand the purpose of a source control system when working with multiple usersability to push and pull changes to/from the source control system
ability to use a source control system to merge changes
ability to properly handle merge conflicts
Merlin Mission ManagerW100860 minutes180 minutesunderstand when and how to use the Merlin Mission Managerability to use the Merlin Mission Manager to accept, prepare and complete missions
ability to use the Merlin Mission Manager to prepare, test, and submit challenges
ability to navigate through the hierarchy of missions and challenges
ability to reattempt a mission in the Merlin Mission Manager