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 Coder Merlin™  Computer Science Curriculum Data

Unit: Lab basics

Experience Name: Help Me! (W1003)

Next Experience: ()

Knowledge and skills:

  • §10.111 Participate with electronic communities as a learner and contributor

Topic areas: SSH clients; Linux; Bash

Classroom time (average): 20 minutes

Study time (average): 10 minutes

Successful completion requires knowledge: understand the opportunities available to request help

Successful completion requires skills: ability to request help via the opportunities available


Read: Asking for Help

Getting Help[edit]

We want your experience here to be both fruitful and enjoyable. We all need some help sometimes, and we all have more to learn. If you need help, ask, and sooner rather than later. Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't try things on your own and struggle a bit, but it does mean that you shouldn't allow yourself to become stuck and get behind.

Available Avenues for Seeking Help[edit]

Several options are available for getting help. These vary depending on your circumstances and what type of help you need.  Coder Merlin™  has established several systems and processes for getting help. These are covered below.


Discord-Logo-Blue.svg provides a forum for leisurely conversation along with a dedicated channel for #homework-help. There's a link to  Coder Merlin™ 's Discord server at the bottom of nearly every wiki page.

Merlin Maven Mentors[edit]

The  Merlin Maven Mentor™ program provides help by connecting you with other  Coder Merlin™  members who are dedicated to providing you with the help you seek. Help is generally available by going to the relevant wiki page on the topic that you need help with and then finding the  Merlin Maven Mentor™MerlinChatIcon.pngChat Icon in the lower-right corner.

Support Ticket[edit]

Help for technical issues related to  Coder Merlin™  can be accessed by issuing a Support Ticket using the SupportIcon.png link at the top-left menu bar of nearly every wiki page.

Help for Specific Topics[edit]

Help with Grades[edit]

  • If you are working with a guide and need help with grades, you have only one option, which is to contact your guide. Your guide is responsible for instructing you with the specific procedures.

Help with Missions and Other Homework[edit]

  • Ask a nearby colleague. Unless you're being assessed (homework, quiz, test, etc.) asking a colleague is a great first step toward pursuing an answer to a problem. Be sure to thoroughly read, understand, and follow the Model Collaboration Policy and provide written credit in your assignment, citing anyone who does provide you with assistance.
  • Try an informal approach using Discord-Logo-Blue.svg
  • If it would be helpful to have someone discuss a problem with you one-on-one in realtime, contact a  Merlin Maven Mentor™ using the MerlinChatIcon.png Merlin Chat Icon in the lower-right corner. If mutually agreed to by both you and the mentor, the mentor can remotely work together with you inside your terminal.
  • If you are working with a guide, contact them.

Help with a Technical Issue[edit]

  • If you're having a technical issue using  Coder Merlin™ , open a Support Ticket using the SupportIcon.png link available at the top-left menu bar of nearly every wiki page providing all relevant information. Insufficient information will, at best, result in a delay, so be thorough.




BEFORE issuing a helpme ticket:

  • Be sure that you've reached agreement with a specific mentor who is ready to help you in your terminal

helpme is a simple, but very useful command that enables a  Merlin Maven Mentor™ to help you remotely. If you happen to be studying with a guide in a classroom, the request will likely be displayed on a monitor.


To view an overview of available subcommands:

john-williams@codermerlin:~$  helpme

Requesting Help[edit]

john-williams@codermerlin:~$  helpme please <subject>

If a monitor is in the room, you'll see your name appear within a few seconds. Be sure to replace <subject> with the actual subject that you're interested in.

john-williams@codermerlin:~$  helpme please "just a test"

Go ahead and try it now.

Canceling Your Request[edit]

If you're able to resolve your question before someone comes to help you, you can cancel your request with:

john-williams@codermerlin:~$  helpme nevermind

Go ahead and try it now.

Experience Metadata

Experience ID W1003
Next experience ID
Unit Lab basics
Knowledge and skills §10.111
Topic areas SSH clients
Classroom time 20 minutes
Study time 10 minutes
Acquired knowledge understand the opportunities available to request help
Acquired skill ability to request help via the opportunities available
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