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Within these castle walls be forged Mavens of Computer Science ...
— Merlin, The Coder
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The guild would be open to all high school and college students with an interest in computer science and software development. Membership could be obtained through a simple registration process, perhaps with the requirement of being enrolled in a related course of study or having a demonstrated interest in the field.

Standards and Ethics[edit]

The guild would promote the understanding of professional standards and a code of ethics in computer science and software development. This would include best practices in coding, data privacy, and ethical considerations in technology use.

Education and Certification[edit]

The guild could provide educational resources, workshops, and beginner- to advanced-level certification programs. These programs would be tailored to the students' needs, focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various programming languages and tools.

Networking and Collaboration[edit]

The guild would facilitate opportunities for its members to connect with each other and with professionals in the field. This could include online forums, mentorship programs, and events such as hackathons or coding competitions.

Advocacy and Support[edit]

The guild could help its members navigate the academic and professional landscape of computer science and software development. This could involve providing advice on course selection, internship applications, and career planning.

Job Board and Career Services[edit]

The guild could provide a job board for members and offer career services like resume reviews, interview coaching, and career counseling.

Open Source Contribution[edit]

A part of the guild's mission could be to contribute to open source projects or even initiate new ones. Members could be encouraged to participate, providing a platform for them to gain experience and exposure.

Research and Innovation[edit]

The guild could be a hub for research and innovation, encouraging members to publish papers, conduct studies, or create innovative projects. There could be an annual event showcasing these achievements and awarding the most significant ones.

Mentorship and Guidance[edit]

Experienced members of the guild could offer mentorship to less experienced members or students, providing guidance and advice to help them progress in their careers.

Public Outreach[edit]

The guild could conduct public outreach programs to promote computer science and software development as a career and to improve public understanding of these fields.

Internships and Job Opportunities[edit]

The guild could maintain a database of internship and job opportunities suitable for students in the field of computer science and software development. The guild could also offer assistance in preparing for interviews and crafting effective resumes and cover letters.

Tiers of Expertise[edit]

The guild could recognize five tiers of expertise, reflecting the members' progress in their learning journey.


The entry-level tier for those who are just starting out in their journey of learning computer science and software development.


This tier is for students who have gained some foundational knowledge and are actively learning and developing their skills.


Students at this level have a solid grasp of computer science principles and are capable of developing more complex software.


This tier is for students who have gained a high level of proficiency and are able to design and implement complex software systems.


The highest tier, reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in computer science and software development.