Code Snippet: Print a File Line-by-Line

From Coder Merlin
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— Merlin, The Coder


import Foundation

// Determine the file name
let filename = "main.swift"

// Read the contents of the specified file
let contents = try! String(contentsOfFile: filename)

// Split the file into separate lines
let lines = contents.split(separator:"\n")

// Define a variable to track the current line number
// Iterate over each line and print the line preceded
// by the line number
var lineNumber = 1
for line in lines {
    print("\(lineNumber): \(line)")
    lineNumber += 1


file_path = ''
print(f'Loading {file_path}...')

    with open(file_path, 'r') as file:
        line_number = 1
        for line in file:
            print(f'{line_number}: {line.rstrip()}')
            line_number += 1
except Exception as e: