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Knowledge and Skills Goal[edit]

Knowledge and Skills Description Employ various productivity tools to gather and analyze authentic data to serve as the basis of programs
Knowledge and Skills Level 10
Primary Topic Area topic-area-tools-and-technologies
Topic areas • Productivity tools
Knowledge and skills includes

Relevant Experiences[edit]

 Experience IDClassroom timeStudy timeAcquired knowledgeAcquired skill
EmacsW100445 minutes240 minutesunderstanding that documents are preserved in files
understanding the difference between document files and temporary files
starting, stopping, and suspending emacs
creating a new file, opening an existing file, saving modifications to a file
navigating forward and backward through a file by character, word, sentence, and line
navigating to the start and end of the document
searching for text incrementally (forwards and backwards)
marking a region of text and cutting, copying, and pasting text